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Baking for the animals…

The local vegans had a bakesale yesterday for a farm sanctuary in a neighboring city.  (  The sanctuary is run by an amazing family.  The bakesale raised almost $1700.  That is so great.  There were so many amazing goodies at the bakesale as well as a zine featuring recipes from some local vegans as well as vegans who used to live here.  The boys had fun hanging out at the bakesale playing.

For the bakesale I created a new recipe.  I call them, “Peanut Butter Buddies”.  Think a vegan, preservative-free, super awesome version of Nutter Butters.  🙂

I also made our “Yummeos” recipe.  They sold out in the first 10 minutes.  That was pretty cool.  I think next time, I will triple the recipe.

Boogie enjoying a Yummeo.

Little Bear reading at the bookstore.  The bakesale was held at a local bookstore.  He chose to look through the book, “Marxism and other Literature”.  A few months ago, he was sitting at the kitchen table looking through, “The DaVinci Code”. 

I am hoping we get some rain soon.  Especially for the farm sanctuary and all the organic farmers who rely on the rain to feed their animals and grow veggies.  We are in the midst of an awful drought.  We set a record of over 70 days of 100+F heat.  Yesterday it was 110F.  Ugh.  Here’s hoping for cooler weather.

Speaking of gardening, a friend is sharing part of her yard with us to garden, since our new place has virtually no yard.  We are headed out to till up the ground and plant some Fall veggies.

Hope yo uhave a


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2 thoughts on “Baking for the animals…

  1. Love Vegan bake sales and you guys raised A LOT of money!!
    So cool that they can be done anywhere as well, bringing veganism to more parts of the country than just the coasts.

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