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The challenge continues…..

As I mentioned in a previous post, we were invited to participate in the ‘La Dolce Vegan Challenge’.  The Vegan Culinary Institute is hosting it.  Check them out: .  I started a section on the blog page just for the challenge. I have decided to move the section to our main page. I realized on the other section, it is hard to leave comments.  I will also post about any other food or happenings going on as well.

Today is Day 8 of the challenge.  Our assignment was the recipe, ‘Baby Spinach and Apple Salad with Sweet Red Wine Vinaigrette.  The salad was delicious.  The only change I made was subbing sunflower seeds in place of the pine nuts.  I served it with a side of baked tofu.  Our little guys even enjoyed the salad.

Yesterday since our assignment was a dessert for the LDV Challenge, I made us sweet potato, black bean enchilada casserole.  It was amazing. I had originally planned to make enchiladas, but the tortillas fell apart when I was warming them in the oven.  I also made a homemade tomatillo sauce and topped it with some leftover Daiya. 

I was thinking about this today.  We haven’t been out to eat in a very long time.  I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I love to cook, I also like to save money and when there has been a time we have gone out to eat and the meal has been a bust, I am annoyed and look at the bill and realize the money I spent at the restaurant could have gone towards half a week of groceries or to pay the gas, etc.  I know there are good places around here, we just haven’t really discovered them.  :/

Well I am off to get the little guys ready for bed.  Boogie started a private Waldorf homeschool.  He goes twice a week and absolutely loves it.  His teacher is amazing.  We are so happy we found it.

Hope you have a lovely evening.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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4 thoughts on “The challenge continues…..

  1. Good idea to move the post from the challenge to the main section of your blog. It’s easier to leave comments specific to a recipe, but also I now know when you post something new on my blogroll… my blogroll wouldn’t show the posts from that other section.

    The salad looks very good. I love spinach salads with lots of dressing. The casserole looks pretty darn good too =)

    • twoveganboys on said:

      Thanks Babette. I realized it was a pain in the arse to scroll down for commenting. I loved how simple and tasty the salad was. I am really enjoying this cook-through. By the way, I love your blog.

  2. Spinach and apples sound like a great combo. Glad to hear the boys like it too!

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