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Rice, not so nice…

Day 12 of the La Dolce Vegan Challenge was Cumin Spiced Brown Rice.  I never like giving a recipe a negative review, but this rice just wasn’t that tasty.  I don’t think I had bad cumin, but who knows.  When I used it in other recipes, it tasted fine.  I also thought the two tablespoons of oil was a bit  much for the rice.  I would definitely cut that down if I ever make this recipe again. And cut back on the cumin.   I served it with some curried potatoes I made.  The boys loved the potatoes and shared a big bowl.  That is a plus since Little Bear has been under the all week due to the Texas fires causing so much smoke in the air.  His appetite for the past week was slim.


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4 thoughts on “Rice, not so nice…

  1. I used only 1 tbsp of oil & it was still a little much. 1/2 tbsp would be plenty…

  2. Yeah, I cut out oil of recipes these days!

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