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We finally have some chilly weather.  Last night it dropped down to 35F, for my friends across the pond , that 1.6C.  I am hoping we actually have a winter this year.  After our brutal summer and the drought, I welcome some cold weather.  And snow, how awesome would some snow be?  Hey, a girl can dream.

Now,on to the food.  As I have mentioned before, one of friend’s is kind enough to share part of her yard so we can have a little garden plot.  This Fall is yielding a lot of greens.  Wednesday, we harvested mustard greens, swiss chard, Chinese cabbage, collards, jalepeno and serrano peppers.  It is really awesome. When we had to unexpectedly move last June, one thing that was a real bummer was losing our huge backyard and having no place to garden.  This helps soften the blow a bit.  This weekend, we are going to harvest some lettuce greens for a lovely salad.

Last night for dinner, I used the mustard greens and the small handful of collards and made our Curried Mustard Greens Quiche recipe.  It was featured in Meatout Monday last year, May 3, 2010.  I served it with roasted sweet potatoes.  Yummy!

Today I am making our Etoufee recipe. I am excited about making it.  Yes, that may sound silly, but I am foodie, so making and eating good food, excites me.  The recipe is a bit time consuming, but it is so worth it.  And it is a great way to celebrate Friday!

Well, I am off to make some hummus for my wee fellows.  Hope you have a great day.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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2 thoughts on “Brrrr!!!!!

  1. It’s sooooo cold here too! What’s with this crazy weather in early November??? We’re in the South. It should be in 60s or 70s right now. I hate it!! But your quiche looks delicious!

    • twoveganboys on said:

      It is odd for us Southerners. After the wicked drought and horrible summer we had, I am actually welcoming the cold weather. Nornally I wouldn’t. 😛

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