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Glorious greens…..

Monday night I made our swiss chard/potato quesadilla recipe.  I did a mix of swiss chard and beet greens. Beet greens are so healthy and good for you.  The best part, the swiss chard and beet greens came from our little garden plot.  Yay!  I served them with some homemade tomatillo sauce and some refried black beans I had made.  I love dried beans. We never, ever buy beans from a can, you get more for your money with dried and some canned beans have BPA in them.  Lame!  I also made some guacamole and queso to go with our dinner.  It was a hit, and as usual I made the tortillas.

Last night I made a beautiful salad using mixed lettuce green from our garden.  It was delicious.  I added tomatoes, baked tofu, roasted portabello, carrots, Granny smith apple, sesame seeds, and chickpeas.  I made a spicy Asian dressing to pour on top of it.  It was amazing.  Our friend who has a Facebook page called, “Bean Eaters” loved the look of our salad so much, she used it for her profile picture.  What an honor!   Check out her page, it is a love for all kinds of beans.  And what’s not to love?  Beans are cheap, delicious, and so good for you.

Today I am making pretzels for my little guys.  They love pretzels as does Joshua.  I think I will double the batch, making large pretzels and pretzel bites for Boogie to take in his lunch.

Tonite we are having leftovers.  As I mentioned before, I hate wasting food.  There are to many people starving in this world and doing without for us to waste food.  So, for dinner today, it is “clean out the fridge” day.  Leftovers are awesome anyway.

Well, I hope you have a lovely Wednesday.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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4 thoughts on “Glorious greens…..

  1. Those quesadillas looks AMAZING!!!

    • twoveganboys on said:

      Thanks. Your food always looks awesome. And just so you know, if me and the boys ever get a chance to meet you in person. We are so going to hug you, even if you don’t like being hugged. We are huggers. 😛

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Krys, your swiss chard/potato quesadilla look awesome, your food always looks so good!!

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