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Weekend update…..

Good morning friends.  How was your weekend?  Our weekend was nice.  Josh was off, so that made it even better.  Yay!

Now, on to the food.  Friday night we had a quick dinner of chili, nothing exciting, I was tired as were the boys, so we took it easy in the kitchen.

Saturday, we went for an 8 mile bike ride, enjoyed some playtime at the park.  Then we received a message from a friend that their new trampoline was ready.  So, we took the boys over and hung out with the parents while the kids jumped.  What fun!  We got home a bit later than usual for dinner, so I threw together a meal in 20 minutes.  Delicious, quick, and tasty.  I sauteed some tofu, added some dinosaur kale from our garden plot, as well as some sliced carrots, cooked up some brown rice and made a peanut sauce.  I garnished it with some sesame seeds.

Yesterday, Boogie had a Martimas festival to attend for his school.  There was a latern walk and a potluck.  I made a chipotle butternut squash soup and topped it with roasted butternut squash seeds.  It was easy to make and so delicious.  It was polished off in no time.  We returned home with an empty pot.  I guess that’s a good sign.  Hee hee.  I also made a loaf of panettone, Italian Christmas bread.  I made it last month for his school and the kids requested I make some again.  There was only one slice of it left by the end of the evening.  I love that bread. I plan to make some more this week, it also makes an awesome French toast.  Yum!

Well, it is Monday.  This is usually my weekly cooking day. I make our breakfast goodies, snacks, etc.  Today, I am making hummus, granola, vegan version of Chex party mix, crunchy tofu, and pumpkin bread.  It will be busy in our kitchen.

I am off to get started.  Hope you have a lovely day.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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6 thoughts on “Weekend update…..

  1. That peanut sauce looks so amazing! I wish that was my lunch instead of my leftover lemongrass tofu.

  2. French Toast from that bread would be awesome! 8 mile bike ride is great! Good to see you are doing well 🙂

    • twoveganboys on said:

      Thanks Vic. I take Boogie to his preschool via bike. It is a great workout pulling both boys plus the bike trailer. It is pulling 115pounds. 🙂

      I can’t wait for the French toast this Sunday.

  3. All the food looks amazing!!, 8 mile bike ride is great! We have a trampeline in our back yard and my kids always have a blast on it everychance they can get. Your boys are very cute!! have a great day cooking.

    • twoveganboys on said:

      Thanks. THe boys loved the trampoline. 🙂

      It is definitely a workout pulling the boys, but so nice since the weather has been very pleasant as of late.

      Hope you have a lovely week.

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