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Curry in a hurry…

Last night I made a delicious curry dish.  It was so tasty.  It was a mix of red beans, mustard greens from the garden, and roasted sweet potatoes.  I added some onion, garlic, and curry spices and served it over brown rice.  Simple and oh so good.

I was going to make sausage and kraut dogs for dinner tonite, but looked in fridge to find out I was out of tamari.  Le sigh.  I needed it to make the sausage.  I guess I will make that dish Sunday or Monday.  The boys and I will hitting the grocery store this evening, rain or shine.

Speaking of rain, it is supposed to rain all the way through Monday.  The good thing about that is we need it after our drought and the garden will go crazy.  The bad thing, when it rains, it makes you feel sleepy and lazy, well at least it makes me feel that way.  Hee hee.

Do you have any plans for the weekend?  We are taking it easy.  Josh has to work all day, so the boys and I will most likely run a few errands and bake.  Sunday afternoon will be crazy busy for me.  I am helping a friend with a photo shoot.  That should be fun.

Well, I am off to cook some beans for tonite’s taco dinner.  Hope you have a lovely Friday and a great weekend.

peas and loves….
Krys and the boys


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4 thoughts on “Curry in a hurry…

  1. Your curry dish looks amazing and I’m excited to hear more about your sausage and kraut dogs….. 🙂 Hope you have a nice weekend!

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  3. I am having a giveaway. hope you enter to win..millie

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