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Breakfast love…..

Sunday morning is always big breakfast day for us.  We always, always make sure we have nothing planned on Sunday mornings if we can help it.  Josh and I wake up, enjoy a cup of jo while reading.  Once the boys wake up, we start breakfast and it is always good.  This morning was no exception.  Josh made strawberry/blueberry pancakes, and I made tofu scramble.

After breakfast we went on a 10 mile bike ride and then to the park for the boys to play.  It was great. 

Before heading to the park, I made a lovely kale salad for us to take with us.  My friend Tom who lives in a neighboring city gave me the recipe. It is a replica of a recipe from a vegetarian restaurant near his home.  It was so good, even our youngest enjoyed it. 

After it raining Thursday through last night, it was nice to get outdoors and enjoy some lovely weather.  I am starting think that winter has passed us over once again.  I am so not looking forward to another record breaking summer.  Oy!

Hope you are having a lovely evening.

peas and love….

Krys and the boys


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