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A journey of cooking vegan food for my family.


Okay, so that’s not a word.  But, the noodle dish I made for dinner today was delicious!  It was a recipe I found online from Vegetarian Times.  I added fresh spinach, cashews, and carrots.  I also switched the sesame noodles out for soba noodles.  It made a ton and the boys enjoyed it as well.

I was glad to make an easy meal this evening.  Today’s 20 miles on the bike was exhausting.  I definitely felt it on this ride.  Geesh.  I am still tired.  Thank goodness, the weather is nice.

So, it is Fat Tuesday. I am obviously not doing anything.  That is very obvious, seeing that I am updating the blog in the evening while everyone is getting ready to party or at a party.  Are you celebrating? 

Well, I am off to relax a bit and hopefully call it an evening.  Thank goodness the week is halfway over.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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