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A journey of cooking vegan food for my family.

Well, hello there.  Can you believe February is already over?  What?  Wait!  Where has the time gone?  Between riding 40 plus miles a week, pulling the boys (115 pounds of bike trailer & kids), cooking, being a stay at home mum, etc.  I honestly can’t tell you where the time has gone or if anything exciting has happened.  One thing I have been doing and always do, is cook.  🙂

One evening, I made Aloo Gobi.  It was quite lovely. I used fresh, mixed, organic cauliflower from the local farm.  Such goodness.

One evening, we had Southern comfort food.  I made crispy seitan fingers with a cream gravy, roasted new potatoes with rosemary, and balsalmic roasted brussels.  It was great.

I made tacos too.  I love, love, love tacos.  We always make homemade tortillas, because nothing tastes better than a homemade tortilla.  I made black bean, sweet potato, spinach tacos, and potato, swiss chard, apple sage sausage tacos.  We topped them with a nutritional yeast sauce and salsa.  They were the best!

Last night’s dinner was quick and easy. I made a kale pesto and mixed it with some whole wheat noodles, added some sauteed veggies, and sausage, topped it with some vegan goat cheese I made, and “tah dah”.  Dinner is served. I love how green the noodles look from the kale pesto.

Well, I am off to eat some dinner.  We are having soup and homemade bread.  The perfect meal for a rainy, overcast day.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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  1. The food looks so yummy.. mmm.. You’re blog is such a nice place to go when dreaming of the future, having little vegan kids of ones own and so on.. I was wondering – do you give the boys any vitamin supplements? What are your thoughts on that? I suppose D (- I live in a not so sunny place) and B12 at least would be good for safety, I’ll probably end up giving mine a multi and maybe an algae oil-based omega 3 too, for that very reason, but I still wonder how necessary it is.

    • twoveganboys on said:

      They take a multi-vitamin, eat seaweed and we live in a very sunny place, so they get a ton of vitamin D. Thanks so much for the kind words. ❤

  2. ergh – not you’re – your!! my brain, where is it?;)

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