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The business of leftovers….

We eat leftovers and we love them.  I had a friend once mention, “We don’t eat leftovers.”  I was very surprised by this statement. To me, throwing away the leftovers from dinner the night before=no lunch tomorrow.  We were at a restaurant and she and her husband had a lot of food left on their plate.  We had requested a take away bag. I asked if she wanted one and that is when she made the comment.  I thought she was just talking about never taking home leftovers from a restaurant and she said it was all leftovers.  She didn’t like them.  That is a such a waste of good food.

Speaking of food, here are some meals I cooked over the past few days since my last post.  And they were definitely leftovers. 😀

Brunch Today

Last night I made our Baja “fish” taco recipe.  We love this recipe.  This was our anniversary dinner.  We have been married 9 years, together 10.  I served the tacos with seasoned pintos, cumin rice, and coconut lime cupcakes for dessert.  It was great.

This meal was simple and very tasty.  I made garlicky white beans and swiss chard. I served it over homemade baked polenta cakes.  It was so good.

Thursday  I made a curried type chickpeas and potatoes.  We ate them with a side of spicy coconut carrots and peas.  The boys loved this dish.

Earlier in the week I made this dish.  It was a quinoa bake with a broccoli salad.  The dish was great.  I especially liked the salad. I made a garlic tahini dressing for it.  The recipe made a ton.

This is  another favorite around here.  You can’t go wrong with burgers and fries.  I made our black bean burger recipe, made some homemade buns earlier in the day and I served the burgers with oven roasted, seasoned fries.  Yum!

This meal was so very good and so very simple and cheap. I call it a “peasant’s meal”.  It was beans rice, salsa, greens, corn, and cheezy sauce.  Our local food co-op makes  a similar named dish.  Their’s has beans, rice, and salsa.

Well, I am off to relax a bit before bedtime.  Tomorrow is Monday and some crazy weather is headed our way, according to the weather man.  Hope you had a pleasant weekend.

peas and love…..

Krys and the boys


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10 thoughts on “The business of leftovers….

  1. veganloraine on said:

    hehe! we are hardcore leftover eaters too!

  2. Those tacos look so good! Happy anniversary!

  3. People who don’t eat leftovers are crazy!! I don’t understand that at all. I live off of leftovers all week since I only cook a couple nights per week. I couldn’t afford to live without leftovers. Plus, so many things actually taste better the next day.

    Happy anniversary!

    • twoveganboys on said:

      I agree. Leftovers are boss. I thought she was crazy when she made the comment. And thanks for the anniversary wishes. 🙂

  4. What?? Who doesn’t eat leftovers. Most of the time when I make meals, I make sure to make enough just so I will have leftovers to have for lunch at work the next day. I’d eat your leftovers in a heartbeat b/c your food looks so delicious.

  5. I agree, today’s dinner equals tomorrow’s lunch. Just found your blog, nice to see a weeknight’s worth of day-to-day meals. I’m impressed that you made your own burger buns and polenta cakes, that’s going the extra mile.

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