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Taco Thursday…..

Tacos!  What’s not to love?  I made tacos for dinner tonite.  They were delicious.  I decided to make seasoned quinoa, sauteed veggies, nooch cheeze sauce tacos, topped with fresh avocado and salsa. I served them with some refried beans.  They were so good.  Mmmm.

I could eat tacos weekly and be very content.

Do you have a favorite Mexican dish or Tex-Mex recipe you like?

Tomorrow we are making a birthday cake a for a party.  Come back to see what all the “roar” is about.  It is going to be dino-mite.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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4 thoughts on “Taco Thursday…..

  1. Tacos are always a hit with the husband as well..I know if all else fails – there are tacos to be made! 🙂 Glad your little ones enjoy them as well!

  2. Karen Todd on said:

    Yum, tacos are the best. It’s taken me awhile to figure out what “nooch” is. I’ve been eating it for years but didn’t know it by it’s nickname.

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