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Bread and pasta….

I love homemade bread and I love pasta.  For dinner I made a baked pasta dish, I stirred in some homemade cashew ricotta, mixed in a little marinara, and topped it with more marinara. Oh, and I also added some homemade vegan pepperoni.  It was baked and served with some homemade bread.

Now the bread I am excited about.  I have made bread before, a lot.  But this was my first time making sourdough bread.  It was fun, interesting to learn about, and delicious.  A friend shared the recipe with me, it was one her mum always used to make.  It was great and made two big loaves.  Wow!

Thanks to the lovely bread, we will be having some awesome sandwiches this week as well.

How are you?  Have you made sourdough bread from scratch?  Do you have a favorite bread recipe?

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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2 thoughts on “Bread and pasta….

  1. Fabulous bread! It is just beautiful…

    I have not made sourdough bread, but one of our favorite recipes is Vegan Challah:

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