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Hot Pastrami…..

On Monday, I made a vegan pastrami recipe.  Josh had mentioned he wanted some vegan lunchmeat, so I decided to create a pastrami for him.  It tasted amazing.  When Josh got home and tried it, he was very impressed.  I am perfecting the recipe even more so, no sharing it yet.

I also made sourdough bread for the first time.  I love the process it takes to make sourdough bread.  It was a very interesting learning experience.  Yesterday, I baked two beautiful loaves of sourdough bread.  Next, I plan on making rye bread.

Which brings me to the dinner I made, hot pastrami on homemade sourdough.  We added a horseradish mayo, avocado, and homemade vegan swiss cheese slices.  I roasted some potatoes on the side and made a chipotle coleslaw.  Talk about good!  This meal was a winner.  I plan to take some of the homemade pastrami with us on our camping trip.  Mmmm, sandwiches.

Do you have a favorite sandwhich?

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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3 thoughts on “Hot Pastrami…..

  1. Yum! I will be looking forward to this recipe!

    My favorite sandwhich is vegan mayo with tomato and lettuce. I need to try a “bacon” flavored eggplant recipe that I found to see if I can make a blt. That sounds so good for this summer!

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