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Pita! Pita!

I made pitas for the first time.  They turned out super tasty and I will definitely make them again.  No need to buy any from the store from now on.  The boys loved them.  I didn’t roll them out perfectly round.  They are more uterus shaped. Oops!  We had them for dinner with our falafel, and homemade hummus.  We filled the pitas with hummus, falafel, olives, onion, tomato, spinach, and drizzled it with a red wine/mustard vinagrette.  It was so tasty.

Homemade pitas!


After dinner, we headed to the park for a little evening playtime and then the library.  The boys had a blast and are ready for bed.

Tomorrow is Friday.  TGIF!

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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2 thoughts on “Pita! Pita!

  1. wrongasaurus on said:

    Those pitas look lovely and soft, Krys, whenever I’ve bought shop-bought ones they’re always hard and I have to warm them in the oven so they don’t snap like cardboard 😦 This definintely makes me want to make my own – much like chapatis, homemade is probably miles better!

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