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Taco Friday…..

TGIF!  It’s Friday.  Yippee!  Though we have a busy weekend, birthday party, errands, Father’s Day, etc.  Friday is always welcome.  For dinner, I made tacos.  I made almond “meat”.  It is raw almonds, tamari, spices, and chopped in the food processor.  I added grated, and sauteed summer squash, carrots, cilantro, and mushrooms. I spiced them with some homemade taco seasoning.  They made for some lovely tacos with fresh avocado and nutritional yeast sauce.  I served them with a side of refried pinto beans, and as usual, the beans are never from a can.  They simmer all day in the crockpot, making the kitchen smell divine.

As I mentioned, Father’s Day is this Sunday.  I am preparing a feast for my guys.  I am going to make eggplant parmesan subs, stromboli filled with mushrooms, vegan pepperoni, and a homemade sundried tomato pesto.  For dessert, I had  hoped to make canollis, but could not find the forms locally, so Josh requested mocha cupcakes.  Mmmm.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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4 thoughts on “Taco Friday…..

  1. LOVE taco nights….so fun and flavorful!

  2. This looks delicious. 😀 Have fun on Sunday!

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