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Hot and spicy…..

This evening, dinner was spicy.  And it was hot outside.  When I say “hot”, I mean HOT.  The temperature was 108F.  For my friend’s across the pond, that is 42 Celsius.  And being the crazy person who loves to cook, I still decided to make a spicy dish.  Ha ha.  And the recipe makes a ton.  I threw everything in the crockpot this morning, put it to work.  Crockpots are amazing, and definitely one of my favorite appliances.

This post is short and spicy. I am going to hang out with my guys before they go to sleep.  Our 5 year old has camp this week, so our day starts early.  Sweet dreams.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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4 thoughts on “Hot and spicy…..

  1. i agree — crockpots are definitely amazing! sounds like a delicious meal!

  2. Spicy works for a hot day, makes you sweat so you can cool off, right? I thought that was the theory behind Indian (and apparently this African) food being so spicy. Here in the cool Pacific NW we finally have a sunny day today, maybe we will break 70. Firing up the stove is no problem!

    • twoveganboys on said:

      I love cooking spicy year round. 🙂 Spicy food is a favorite around here. We just don’t want to use the oven in 108 temperatures. Yesterday it was 109.

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