Two Vegan Boys Weblog

A journey of cooking vegan food for my family.

Moving right along……

We have moved to a new blog address.  Comment if you would like the new web address.


Krys and the boys

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21 thoughts on “Moving right along……

  1. thoughtsaboutveganism on said:

    I would like to read what you’re writing in the future.

  2. Keep me on your list

  3. Theresa on said:

    yes, I want to be on the list too!

  4. rachel sew-n-sew on said:

    yes please

  5. Yes,please!! Thank you!!

  6. Yes, please. Thanks!

  7. James R. Pruitt on said:


  8. Kevin Carr on said:

    Please leave me on your list.
    We here in Australia enjoy your blog very much.
    Thanks and Shalom.

  9. Jacqui Pappas on said:

    Would love to get your new address. I read the blog regularly.

  10. Bobbie on said:


  11. Absolutely!

  12. Loraine on said:

    I would!

  13. Kathe Porter on said:

    Please keep me on your list. Thanks

  14. I love reading your posts.

  15. Hi, I have been following your blog for quite some time now. Though I have already given up eating flesh (all credit to you for that!), I am yet to go vegan.
    I hope to be able to do that in the near future as well.
    Can I please know the reason for moving on to Blogspot? How do you find it better than WordPress?

  16. Suzanne on said:

    Yes Please!

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